Susan Grinel, Ph.D.

From the earliest stages of her career, Susan set her sites on working in the non-profit arena with the aim of making the world a better place. Rather than narrow her focus to one field of interest such as health, education, or rehabilitation, she developed the skills necessary to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of any type of social program.  Susan is a natural born problem-solver and thoroughly enjoys finding those special programs that match each of her clients’ interests and concerns.

For relaxation, Susan is usually working on three or four knitting projects at a time, including stunning garments and beautiful, felted wool purses. She also studied ceramics for many years and her teapots and sculptures can be spotted around her home. She enjoys being out of doors walking or hiking and takes great delight in scuba diving.

In 2009, Susan married her childhood sweetheart, Laurence Rubin, having met him again after many years separation. They are having a wonderful time making up for lost time together!

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