Dr. Grinel helps families make wise funding decisions for their family foundations. Without expert knowledge and experience, family foundations typically do not have an effective giving plan or process. Oftentimes, the foundation fails to maximize its potential and becomes a burden for its Board members.

As a family foundation advisor, Dr. Grinel uses her 30 years of professional experience in the United States and abroad to help her clients choose the right organizations for the right reasons.

Susan’s talent for assessing options at all levels helps families clarify their vision and establish the policies and procedures that ensure a legacy of excellence for future generations.


Bringing Focus to Good Intentions:
Statistics indicate that most philanthropists have only a vague idea of how they would like to change the world. Dr. Grinel helped one such baby boomer clarify her intentions and include clear instructions regarding her philanthropic bequest in her estate plan. (Read More)

Avoiding Foundation Overwhelm and Costly Mistakes:
When a young woman inherited her family’s foundation, she found herself on the receiving end of donation requests wherever she went. Dr. Grinel assisted her in establishing a comfortable way to avoid making funding decisions under pressure. (Read More)

Meeting IRS Requirements:
A financial advisor noticed that his client with a family foundation was challenged by IRS requirements and deadlines. Dr. Grinel helped the foundation’s leadership establish manageable systems and procedures that meet IRS governance standards. (Read More)

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The Case for General Support of Agency Operations
General support for agencies has been on the decline as donors opt for the accountability associated with funding specific, client-based programs. However, neglect of general agency operations can have dire consequences for the agency’s ability to deliver those very programs. (Read More)

Questions to Ask Before Expanding Your Foundation’s Board
After operating their family foundation by themselves for a number of years, the foundation’s founding couple is considering expanding the Board to include their adult children. Here are the key questions they need to ask before moving forward. (Read More)

Five Indicators of an Agency Worthy of Your Donation
Everyone wants to feel secure that their donated dollars will be properly directed and used for the intended purpose. Here are five key indicators that suggest an agency is in good standing and deserving of your charitable gift. (Read More)

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